matchlib '98

The "matchlib" was originaly written for the '97 taskforce study to match OTR and VDS tracks in the different scenarios. As the studies targeted at a reasonable setup for '98, it was called "'98" to distinguish it from the full-featured matching package MARPLE. In the meantime, it got some additional funktionality and improved error propagation. It might still be usefull in cases where you want to have a lean and easy package.

The following Files are available:

Name                 Last modified     Size  Description              

matchlib1.3.tgz      22-Jul-98 15:27    48K all
matchlib1.3_contents 22-Jul-98 15:28     4K  contens of the tar file
README.hierachy      22-Jul-98 15:28     6K  ASCII drawing showing the hiearachy of 
                                             subroutine calls
README.html          22-Jul-98 15:28    14K  MatchLib '98 README
                                             (full user documentation)

Peter J Weyers
Last modified: Wed Jul 22 15:55:01 MEST 1998