Presentations by HERA-B in 1998
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  Conference Location Date Speaker Title Status   Remark
Tamura Symposium Austin, Texas 98/11/11-14      
     R. Eckmann Hera-B Progress and Plans    
     P. Krizan Prospects for Physics Beyond the CP-violation in Hera-B    
RICH 98 Ein-Gedi, Israel 98/11      
     J. Pyrlik Aging measurements of a TMAE based photon detector candidate for the HERA-B RICH    
IEEE NSS98 Toronto, Canada 98/11      
     T. Fuljahn The Fast Control System for HERA-B   Abstract  
     S. Takach Design and Operation of Front-End Electronics for Large Area Wire Chambers for the HERA-B Muon Detector  Abstract  
LHC Electronics Workshop Rome, Italy 98/09      
     T. Fuljahn A fast control system for the HERA-B experiment poster accepted but withdrawn  lack of time (commissioning)
CHEP 98 Chicago, USA 98/08      
     F. Ratnikov The First Level Trigger simulation for the HERA-B experiment   Abstract  
     A. Gellrich The Fourth Level Trigger Online Reconstruction Farm of HERA-B   Abstract  
     V. Rybnikov DAQ Online Software and the Run Control System in the HERA-B Experiment  Abstract  
     M. Dam Second and Third Level Trigger    
ICHEP 98 Vancouver, Canada 98/07      
     R. Mankel HERA-B -- Overview and Concepts    
     R. Mankel Track reconstruction techniques for the HERA-B experiment   Abstract  
     E. Gerndt Triggering at HERA-B   Abstract  
     F. Sanchez Digital Signal Processor software for the Hera-B Second Level Trigger.    
Fundamental Physics Illa da Toxa, Spain 98/06/04      
     C. Padilla The HERA-B Experiment    
Hyperons 98 Genova, Italy 98/06      
     V. Eiges Development of HERA-B High-Pt trigger    
     J. Pyrlik The HERA-B Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector   Abstract  
     I. Belyaev HERA-B   Abstract  
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