Presentations by HERA-B in 2000
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  Conference Location Date Speaker Title Status   Remark
  ACAT 2000 Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA 16-20 October 2000 A. Gellrich A Large Linux-PC Farm for Online Event Reconstruction at HERA-B   Abstract  
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Lyon, France 00/10/15-20 S. Keller The Inner Tracking System of the Experiment HERA-B abstract submitted   
     Hermann Kolanoski Investigation of Aging in the HERA-B Outer Tracker Drift Tubes    
     Matthias Böcker The Muon Pretrigger System of the HERA-B Experiment accepted as talk   
     Jose Hernandez Farming in HERA-B Invited talk   
     F.Sanchez HERA-B DAQ system Talk is aproved.   Proceedings
IX Intn'l Conf. on Calorimetry Annecy, France 00/10/09-14      
     I. Matchikhilian The HERA-B ECAL Electronics and Monitoring    
     S. Shuvalov HERA-B ECAL status and plans    
Workshop on Heavy Quarks at Fixed Target Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 00/10/9-12 J. Hernandez HERA-B Overview    
International Conference on CP Violation Physics Ferrara, Italy 00/09/18-22 A. Zoccoli HERA-B Overview    
Beauty 2000 Israel 00/09/13-18      
     Ulrich Uwer Status and Commissioning Results from HEAR-B    Proceedings
     S. Masciocchi Experience with HERA-B Vertexing    
     Peter Kreuzer Experience with Hera-B Triggering    
6th Workshop on Electronics for LHC Experiments Krakow 00/09/11-15      
     B. Schwenninger The Muon Pretrigger System of the HERA-B Experiment Poster presentation   
APS Division of Particles and Fields Columbus, Ohio 00/08/9-12 R. Harr First Results from HERA-B accepted for QCD 1 session   
     S. Nam The HERA-B Muon Trigger talk accepted   
     A. Mohapatra A High-pt Trigger for the HERA-B Experiment Under Preparation Abstract  
XXXth Int'l Conf. on HEP (ICHEP2000) Osaka, Japan 00/07/27-08/2 R. Eckmann HERA-B Tracking    
     B.Schmidt Status of the HERA-B Experiment talk given   
     D. Samtleben Measurement of J/Psi Cross Sections in Proton-Nucleon Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 42$ GeV cancelled   
     M. Schmelling Inclusive Identified Particle Spectra in Inelastic Proton-Nucleus Collisions talk accepted   
European Conf. Elem. Proc. Atomic Syst. Uzhhorod, Ukraine 00/07/25-28      
IV Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons Valencia, Spain 00/06/27-30 K. Ehret HERA-B Overview    
7th Conference on the Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics (CIPANP2000) Quebec City, Canada 00/05/22-28 L. Garrido HERA-B Overview    
     W. Gradl ITR    Poster
8th Pisa Meeting on advanced detectors La Biodola, Isola d'Elba, Italy 00/05/21-27 M. Hohlmann The HERA-B Main Tracker proceedings submitted Abstract Abstract file contains proceedings (OTR)
     S. Masciocchi First Results from the Completed HERA-B Vertex Detector general/talks/00/elba/    
     M. Bruschi ECAL    
     R. Eckmann RICH    Poster
Meson 2000 Workshop Cracow, Poland 00/05/19-23      
Quarks-2000 Pushkin, Russia 00/05/13-21 V. Saveliev HERA-B Overview    
American Physical Society Spring Meeting Long Beach, California 00/04/29-05/2 I. Abt HERA-B Overview    
III Latin American Symposium on HEP Columbia 00/04/2-8      
     J. Spengler HERA-B Status and First Results    
DPG Tagung Dresden, Germany 00/03/20-24      
XXXVth Recontres de Moriond Les Arcs, France 00/03/18-25 F. Sanchez HERA-B Status and First Results.    
Les Rencontres de Physique La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy 00/02/27-03/4 M. Titov HERA-B Status    
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