Presentations by HERA-B in 1999
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  Conference Location Date Speaker Title Status   Remark
3rd International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation Taipei, Taiwan 99/12/3-7      
     O. Steinkamp Status and Results from HERA-B proceedings submitted Abstract  
7th Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics (Instr99) Hamamatsu, Japan 99/11/15-19      
     T. Knoepfle The HERA-B Vertex Detector System    
     E. Gerndt Operation experience with the HERA-B first level trigger    
     P. Krizan The HERA-B RICH    
     V. Eiges High pt-trigger at the HERA-B experiment    
     C.Stegmann The Outer Tracker System for HERA-B    
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Seattle, Washington 99/10/26-30      
     K. Lau presentation    
3rd LHC Computing Workshop Marseille, France 99/09/28-10/1      
     A. Amorim The HERA-B information system    
     A. Gellrich The Linux-PC Farm for Online Event Rekonstruction of HERA-B    
Workshop on B Physics at the Tevatron Fermilab 99/09/23-25      
     O. Steinkamp HERA-B and LHCb: Two Generations of Hadronic B Factories done   
5th Workshop on Electronics for the LHC Expts. Snowmass, Colorado 99/09/20-24      
     H. Kolanoski Large System Experience with the ASD8-B Chip in the HERA-B Experiment accepted for poster session   
     submitted by V. Popov HERA-B Level-O high-PT trigger    
5th International Conference on Position-Sensitive Detectors University College London 99/09/13 - 17      
     S. Korpar Multianode PMTs as position sensitive detectors of single photons    
     submitted by B. Schmidt The MSGC tracker of HERA-B    
     submitted by B. Schmidt The HERA-B Outer Tracking System    
8th International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy Beijing, China 99/08/24-28      
Lepton Photon 99 Stanford, California 99/08/9-14      
     M. Medinnis HERA-B    
8th Int'l Symposium on Heavy Flavour Physics Southampton, England 99/07/25-29      
     E. Gerndt HERA-B overview    
Int'l EuroPhysics Conf. on HEP Tampere, Finland 99/07/15-21      
     F. Ratnikov HERA-B overview paper submitted Abstract Requires AcroRead v.4
     J. Carvalho The HERA-B RICH submitted   
     U. Uwer Outer Tracker    
9th Intl Conf. on Physics in Collision (PIC 99) Ann Arbor, Michigan 99/06/24-27      
Hardness of Semiconductor Detectors Florence, Italy 99/06/23-25      
     V. Pugatch Radiation Hardness of the HERA-B Strip-detectors    
BEAUNE99/ 2nd Int'l Conf. on New Developments in Photodetection Beaune, France 99/06/21-25      
     R. Pestotnik position sensitive detectors of single photons    
     not determined Lens-based Light-Collectors for the HERA-B RICH    
Beauty 99 Bled, Slovenia 99/06/21-25      
     K. Ehret Target System    
     C. Padilla Commissioning ; first results    
     A. Schwartz B-Physics potentials    
     W. Wagner Microvertex detector    
     A. Zoccoli E.M. calorimeter    
     E. Gerndt Level 1 Trigger system    
     S. Xella Higher Level Trigger system    
     M. Capeans outer tracker    
     T. Zeuner MSGC    
     M. Titov Muon system    
     J. Pyrlik The HERA-B RICH - Status and Performance    
11h IEEE NPSS Real Time Conference Santa Fe, New Mexico 99/06/14-18      
     H. Itterbeck Status and First Experiences with the HERA-B First Level Trigger    
8TH Intn'l Conf on Calorimetry in HEP (CALOR99) Lisbon, Portugal 99/06/13-19      
Japan Physical Society Hiroshima, Japan 99/03/29      
     S. Nam HERA-B overview    
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